About Me

My name is John. I’m just a normal guy who lives in small town in Texas with my wife and three kids. I write about the things I care about – the Christian life, the Bible, the church, and the things that keep us from living the way that God wants us to.

I’ve been a Christian since the age of 11, but I’ve only been taking my faith seriously since my senior year in high school, when I stopped running from God and gave my life back to Him. That doesn’t mean I’ve lived perfectly since then – only that I’ve had a new path pulling me closer to God and helping me to give up the things that kept me far from Him.

I’m a teacher. I’ve been a pastor, a youth pastor, and a children’s minister. I’ve worked in juvenile justice, family counseling, and people-helping for over 12 years. Through all of my experiences I’ve learned the value of seeing my roles as God-called missions. Even this blog is a mission from God, a way for me to share my story and my thoughts in order to help others discover Him more.

I have dreams and aspirations. I have goals and ambitions. And I want to use my gifts and talents to bring glory to God and impact the world around me. As I pursue whatever is next, I intend to use whatever is before me to fulfill my calling.

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